Residents Silenced

Dear Shea Terrace residents,

As many of you know by now, the Portsmouth City Council has decided to stop airing non-agenda speakers on both Cox cable and on streaming video on the city’s web site. This announcement was made by email through Portsmouth’s director of marketing and information, Lavoris Pace. No reason was given, but a phone number was posted for those with questions.

I called that number and a city employee answered the call. I asked why this decision had been made. No one could answer. I was referred to Mrs. White, City Clerk. Mrs. White could not answer either. I then called Elizabeth Psimas who told me that she had aired some misgivings about some non-agenda speakers advancing their personal business interests on the air, but had not participated in any decision. I know that at least one council member (Councilman Moody) has argued against this action.

From what I have gathered (and I may be incorrect), this decision was advanced at the mayor’s insistence. Quite a few residents are upset and feel that citizens have been given “short shrift”. If you care to participate in this evening’s community meeting at I.C. Norcom HS, please show up and voice your concerns. For my part, I am teaching in Chesapeake this evening and will not be able to attend but will be monitoring the volumes of email traffic that are sure to follow.


Bruce Bremer, president
Shea Terrace Civic League

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