10-10-10 Program

Department of Neighborhood Advancement

10-10-10 Program

To fulfill our mission of improving the quality of all Portsmouth’s neighborhoods and maintaining their diversity we need your help.

We need to challenge ourselves to discover the desires and expectations of each community – your community – and then work together to exceed them. We need to know what you think are the important attributes for a good neighborhood, what the negative factors are for a community and what current problems you feel need to be fixed.

The “10-10-10 Program” is our way of learning these specific desires and challenges. We’d like you to tell us 10 good attributes, 10 negative attributes, and 10 things you feel are preventing your neighborhood from being better.

Please take some time to complete the questionnaire below. We would like to have this information collected by October 15th. And please share this page with your neighbors. Thank you for your support.

Fred Brusso
Director, Department of Neighborhood Advancement